It's finals week, and I've been taking frequent study breaks.  Aside from checking BN and BRO, I've been looking at some of the numbers related to our favorite Ben Ball team.  Of course, I eventually got to the W-L record for the Ben Howland era.  We all know how amazing it was for him to get us to the Final Four in just his third year, but I actually think the 18-11 his second year was pretty impressive too, considering the circumstances the previous year.  It just goes to show what an automatic impact so many of Howland's recruits have had, and will continue to have.

It's so nice to be able to celebrate more than just a holiday this time of year, because it is a lot of fun to celebrate Bruin basketball again.

But anyway, I digress.  I discovered something interesting when looking at BH's record here...

  11-17 (1st year)
  18-11 (2nd year)
  32-7 (3rd year)
+30-6 (4th year)
+ 8-1 (so far this year)

This means that the team's next win (presumably this Saturday) will be CBH's 100th UCLA victory!  How's that for a magic number, especially for this year, when we're hoping there'll be some magic around Westwood.

TGFBH and Go Bruin B-ball!

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