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Coaching Search "News" & Notes

Once again Brian Dohn has some ‘news’ on the coaching search from his "sources":

As UCLA's coaching search enters its second week, Boise State's Chris Petersen, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow and former California and NFL coach Steve Mariucci remain targets as Karl Dorrell's successor, sources said Sunday.

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero is expected to begin interviewing candidates this week, and sources said Chow is expected to receive one.

Bruins interim coach DeWayne Walker is also expected to interview this week, and several other candidates could also speak with Guerrero.

Despite being adamant about not having an interest in coaching at UCLA - "I'm not interested in that place," Petersen said during a news conference last week in Boise - sources said Guerrero continued to court Petersen in hopes of at least speaking with him.

"That's not going to happen," one source said of Petersen going to UCLA. "I think everyone knows that."

Mariucci is the choice of several boosters, but the asking price may be too high. Mariucci did not return phone calls, and his agent, Gary O'Hagan, declined to comment on his client's possible interest in UCLA. However, two sources said Mariucci, who works for the NFL Network, could still interview for the UCLA job this week because he is the top choice of several influential boosters.

Chow, who is USC's former offensive coordinator, has an "extremely high" interest in the UCLA job, according to one source. Although he is in his third season with the Titans, he maintains a home in Los Angeles.
I imagine one of Brian’s sources is losers like Bob Field, who these days is hanging out with reporters on Spalding as "a liaison between the football program and athletic director Dan Guerrero." In other words DG is keeping Field as far away from him during the search process as possible.

Right not I don’t believe anything coming from Dohn’s reports. But we need to know what he is writing.

As for Mariucci comments are concerned I understand some of the concern about him. However, as I said in the comment threads it is absolutely hilarious to see some of you guys thumb your noses at coaches like Mariucci. Mariucci if he gets here would be a great get for UCLA. He is not even my first choice but if he gets here I will be more than excited and make sure he has the same kind of breathing space we gave to Ben Howland. And same goes for Mora Jr. or Leach, who I believe will do just fine at UCLA.

UCLA fans should feel good about the fact that we have coaches like Mariucci, Leach or Mora Jr. express interest in us. It shows how UCLA job is no chopped liver. But given our recent history in last 30 years it is just absolutely clueless on some of your part to thumb your noses at coaches like Mariucci, Leach and Mora Jr. Might as well settle for hacks like Walker which beat reporters want us to do so desperately.

Speaking of beat reporters Kuwada from the OC Register has taken a fresh angle on coaching search (not). Robert reports on the money angle:
Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly became a commodity in his first season and had his name surfaced early in the process. However, his $835,000 contract includes a liquidated damages clause in the event he leaves for another bowl subdivision school or the NFL.

If he were to leave before Dec. 31, 2007, that buyout would be $2 million.

The Kelly contract also points out some differences between UCLA and other BCS programs when it comes to compensating football coaches.

Finishing the season in the Top 25 is worth $50,000 to Kelly, but in the contract signed by Dorrell in August 2006, the bonus for that is just $15,000.

An appearance in a BCS bowl game is worth $100,000 and any other bowl $40,000 to Kelly, but only $50,000 and either $25,000 or $15,000 depending on the bowl payout in the Dorrell deal.

Kelly, among other bonuses, also receives $10,000 for any victory over a team ranked in the Top 10 and a bonus tied to home attendance that was worth $32,500 this season.
Newsflash for Robert. If UCLA and Brian Kelly comes close to a understanding that they are right "fit" for each other, then there is a good chance the money issue will be worked out by both parties. I’d think if UCLA were to hire a coach like Kelly, it would pay him accordingly, who deserves little more green than an incompetent stooge like Dorrell.

Elsewhere, Foster writes breathlessly about how Walker is preparing for BYU’s offense. The other big mouth in the team Trey Brown is super excited about playing in a bowl game in Vegas:
"I'm sure it is going to be a great battle once again," Brown said. "I'm sure he's anxious to get out on that field because we got the 'W.' We both know it will be a physical game and a tough matchup. It's going to be a great fight, so where's a better place to have it than in Las Vegas?"
From mouthing off about getting to BCS games to mouthing off about some stupid bowl game in Vegas. Thank you Karl and DeWayne. And there are still morons out there who want 5 more years of this cr*p.