Chow On UCLA Campus (w his attorney?)

From a poster on Dohn's blog (yeah I know terrible source) who claims to work on campus:

I work on campus and I was told by a member of the Athletic department that Norm Chow is on Campus this morning.

And then there is this from Bruinzone:

Chow is on campus right now, and he has an attorney with him

Posted by Bruinbalssy on December 11, 2007 at 11:49:32

I don't know if Chow is going to be abe to get personal and chummy with his attorney being present. I think this may be bad move. Do other interviewees bring their attorneys. Does the attorney screen questions? Overkill. I expected better than that from Chow. It's certainly not his first interview.

Assuming he is on campus is true, why would he bring an attorney with him? For his second interview?

I know I am speculating here. But there are just too many indicators pointing to Chow. I feel like throwing up.

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