Dohn Doesn't Have High School Research Skills

Dohn continues to embarrass the Daily News. Once again he has put up an ignorant and uninformed post, this time attacking UCLA:

As I call around to numerous contacts across the country, a central theme I am hearing is that UCLA is not a very good job to take.
Among the chief complaints: UCLA does not pay well, the cost of living in Los Angeles and the amount assistants are paid is a turn off, the practice facilities are below standard and the academic restraints make it tough to win consistently. If Dohn did a basic level of research he would have reported UCLA's assistant coaches are the second highest paid staff in the Pac-10. Both Walker and Norvell, one an above average coach and other a mini-Doofus make above $300,000.

Dohn has proved himself not only to be an hack, he is turning out to be a lazy and ignorant asshole, whose research skills wouldn't be good enough for a high school diploma. I guess we can't expect anything more from a graduate of some state school in New Jersey. What an asshole.


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