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Coaching Search Notes: Guerrero Speaks

From the official site:

"Our search for a head football coach at UCLA is progressing. Within the last week, we have done a lot of fact-finding and have also been involved in detailed discussions with some candidates. We will meet with other candidates in the very near future.

"I know our fans and donors have a strong interest in the search and I certainly appreciate their support of our program. Our goal for the search is to find the best head football coach for our program. We are working diligently and I am confident that we will achieve our goal."
The first part of the statement is interesting. He is saying that he has had "detailed discussions" with some candidates and then he follows it by saying "we will meet with other candidates." To me it is coming across as he is referring to those "detailed discussions" as (in person?) meetings. So it seems to me that he might be signaling that he has had more than one meeting to date (and the only meeting we know of publicly so far is the one involving DeWayne).

Anyway, as long as the next head coach is neither Walker or a combination that we can call out as Choker (Chow +Walker), this all sounds good Dan.

In other news Neuheisel as emerged as a secondary candidate (I will take Neu over a hack like Walker or the combination of Choker in a heart beat) and it looks like Dukees might be going after a real candidate diminishing the chances of Walkerites former hero (or scapegoat given their campaign of throwing UCLA offense under the bus to make their beloved dear leader look something better than a Wazzu reject).

Anyway going back to DG statement above, take your time DG and get us someone who will get us excited on Saturdays again.