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Coaching Search News & Notes

First let get the bad news out of way. Dohn's post on June Jones gives us the impression that someone may be tampering with the coaching search process because of DeWayne Walker:

One thing I was told about Hawaii coach June Jones was he would want to bring his whole staff to UCLA, and the Bruins brass are doing everything they can to keep defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker on board. I was told that was a point of contention, and could keep Jones out of the mix.
Again if this is true, the so called "Bruin brass" (Dan Guerrero?) is either crazy or just incompetent. We are hoping and praying this is not true but just info that is being filtered out either by Walker or his lackies within Morgan Center, who are trying to influence this process. This kind of leak will not help the search process at all, and it gives the impression that Walker and his supporters are trying to manipulate the process in every way they can to eliminate every candidate but him or Choker. One wonder if this is the kind of nonsense that is keeping offensive minded coaches like Petersen away who may be looking to come but only if they can come with folks they are comfortable with instead with some self promoting hack who has worked as an assistant coach for couple of years.

The good news is despite these kinds of posts that can give one the impression of shameless tampering on the part of Walker camp, there are other names that are popping up the search. has two more names:
As we have been saying here for almost 2 weeks, Lane Kiffin is interested in going back to the college ranks. And we told you a few days ago, UCLA is in his sights. Apparently, UCLA is interested in Kiffin as well, according to's Adam Schefter (in video format). Schefter in an interview with Rich Eisen also put another interesting name into the mix: Kansas City head coach Herm Edwards. We have been hearing rumors of Edwards for a couple of days now but did not believe it. Now one has to take his name seriously. What is great about all this is that UCLA football is being talked about again, and current and former NFL coaches are being talked about. Many good names have come up. And Brian Doh!n would have you believe that NO ONE wants this job (therefore Hire Walker!). UCLA remains important even though we suffered and were embarrassed under Dorrell.
I definitely don’t want Kiffin at UCLA. He may have head coaching experience, but experience at some joke NFL franchise doesn’t really count. Besides he was a terrible OC at Southern Cal. Herm Edwards? I just don’t know what to say. I have no opinion.

And today in the Daily News report, Dohn himself injects a new name into the discussion:
(Philly Eagles assistant John Harbaugh, brother of Jim Harbaugh) Harbaugh, 45, is the secondary coach in Philadelphia. He does not have head coaching experience, but comes from impressive bloodlines.

His father, Jack, was the long-time coach at Western Kentucky, and his brother, Jim, was a long-time NFL quarterback before coaching at the University of San Diego. He finished up his first season at Stanford this fall.

John Harbaugh spent nine years as the Eagles' special teams coach, before moving to the secondary this season.

"John wants to be a head coach some day and maybe a defensive coordinator," Philadelphia coach Andy Reid is quoted as saying in the Eagles' media guide. "This gives him a different responsibility. It gives him a professional opportunity to step out of that special teams mode and it strengthens our staff."

Harbaugh played defensive back at Miami of Ohio and was a candidate for the Western Michigan job in 2004.

It was uncertain when Harbaugh's interview would take place. The Eagles play at Dallas on Sunday, and Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero will be in Kansas City this weekend to interview Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow. The Titans play at the Chiefs.
Dohn also suggests that Neuhisel is gaining some traction:
He is 66-30 in eight years as a head coach at Colorado and Washington. But the Buffaloes were forced to forfeit five wins because of use of an ineligible player while Neuheisel was there.

The NCAA also put Colorado on two years probation for rules violations, many of which stemmed from recruiting improprieties during Neuheisel's tenure.

However, that was nearly a decade ago, and several people close to Neuheisel said he is more mature, and understands he made mistakes.

There has been a surge of support for Neuheisel in regards to UCLA, with former players and alums calling and emailing the athletic department on his behalf.

Neuheisel interviewed for the opening at Georgia Tech. He was beaten out by Navy coach Paul Johnson for the position.

"He would be the perfect guy," said a former UCLA player, who requested anonymity. "He would love to go against (USC coach) Pete Carroll. He would be the charismatic guy UCLA needs. He would definitely give the program energy."
Again at this point I am taking all the info coming from Dohn with a grain of salt. However, what I can sense for sure that despite attempts by certain people (including Dohn himself) to make it appear that UCLA job wasn’t an attractive one, it sure looks like there is a hell lot of interest. And it will be absolute unacceptable on the part of DG if he ends up selecting Choker or the shameless self promoter himself as the next HC, despite the interest in this job from all over the country.