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Rounding Into Form: Demolition Night @ Pauley

Congratulations to Coach Howland on his 100th win at UCLA. Here is to a few more hundred of those in the House that Coach Wooden built.

Bruins obliterate the Idaho State Bengals in a 40 point demolition. Here is the box score.  Kevin Love started slow but finished with 17 points and 8 boards and, as usual, made his presence felt around the paint:

Photo Credit: Chris Carlson/AP (via ESPN)

We talked this week about DC and Roll rounding into form. They didn't disappoint tonight. DC had his first explosive game of the season with 20 points (and 6 rebounds). Roll finally gets it going with 3 smooth bombs and all around great play. Kevin, DC, and Roll weren't the only one with a great night. Everyone had a solid game today in a 40 point blowout win.

If the Bruins can stay in this form and get in rhythm as a team, it will put us in good shape heading into the conference season.

Lastly, here is a toast to Matt Lee, living the dream of hooping it up as a Ben Ball warrior. That buzzer beater was a beauty.

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