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Hard to disagree with the sentiments posted over at the CoachesHotSeat Blog:

UCLA - This has been another coaching search full of leaks.  Next thing I am going to read in the LA papers is that Dan Guerrero has gone to the bathroom and on his way back to his office he took a call from another coach that wanted to talk about the UCLA job.  Are these LA reporters camped out in Guerrero's office, or is there someone at UCLA who calls up these reporters every time someone makes a move on the coaching search front?  Why the people at UCLA feel the need to broadcast their every move is beyond us, but these are also the people that immediately eliminated from consideration the one and only guy that wants the job that also fits everything that Guerrero wants in a new head football coach.  That coach is Texas Tech's Mike Leach.  We are not quite sure why Leach was removed from consideration so quickly, it could have been pressure from the Pac-10 office who hate Leach's honesty, or it could have been that Guerrero doesn't want a head football coach that will actually stand up and tell you what he is thinking.  As for the candidates that have been mentioned by the LA papers, DeWayne Walker, Norm Chow, and Rick Neuheisal, we cannot help but say, WHAT?  None of these guys remotely fit the parameters that Dan Guerrero outlined in the press conference after the firing of Karl Dorrell, and as for what the Champions across town at Heritage Hall think of the above 3 men.....Wait, the USC people are laughing hysterically as they imagine facing off with any of these guys in the coming years.  UCLA should be hiring a proven head coach that has won on the Division I-A level, and if they hire one of these other guys and it doesn't work out, Dan Guerrero is going to find that no matter how many championships you pile up in other sports, no one gets a 3rd chance to hire a football coach.  We will be watching with great interest the rest of this UCLA coaching search, because up to this point it has been a great disappointment.

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