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Coaching Search News & Notes: All About The DyNoMite

So Dohn reports that Rick Neuheisel is getting a second interview (among ‘several coaching candidates’). But guess who continues to be the focus of Dohn’s report? Of course we are talking about the bestest, most awesomest defensive coach in the country: DyNoMite:

UCLA is poised to bring in several coaching candidates for a second round of interviews this week to meet with the school's chancellor, possibly as early as today, and multiple sources said Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel was expected to be one of them.

In a twist, though, sources said if interim coach DeWayne Walker is not hired as the full-time coach, the University of Washington will make an "intense" push to hire Walker as its defensive coordinator.

However, sources added Walker's first choice is to remain the defensive coordinator at UCLA, even if he is not the new head coach.
Uh yeah. So after hearing from Brian how the DyNoMite was a "candidate" for the WSU head coaching job (when it turned out according to subsequent that he didn’t even get an initial interview) we are supposed to believe Washington has an "intense" interest in him as a DC. Okay. Dohn doesn’t relent. He goes on:
If Walker is not UCLA's coaching choice, Guerrero has told people in the athletic department he wants to keep Walker on staff. However, there could be stiff competition for Walker's services from numerous schools, including Washington.

The Huskies fired defensive coordinator Kent Baer on Monday, and sources said Walker is the top choice of coach Tyrone Willingham, and added the school is willing to wait for the UCLA situation to play out before making a hire.
Again you just have to wonder who these "sources" are as they are only leaking this kind of stories to UCLA beat press. Surely it has to be someone with an office in Morgan Center or someone with close connection to Morgan Center. No?

Meanwhile, some one sure is engaging in a negative campaign against Neuheisel via the UCLA beat press. Kuwada actually took time to write this negative note on Neuheisel up in his report:
Neuheisel has a reputation as a strong recruiter, a plus in the coaching search. His most recent results, though, were not strong.

He had five recruiting classes as the coach at Washington — 1999 through 2003, though he never had a chance to coach the '03 group because he was fired.

There were 121 players in those five classes, and just two position players gained first-team All-Pac-10 honors in their Washington careers: wide receiver Reggie Williams and defensive back C.J. Wallace.

A third player, Charles Frederick, was all-conference as a punt returner (2003).

Since 2002, when members of the first Neuheisel class were fourth-year juniors or seniors, Washington has had the fewest All-Pac-10 first-team selections of any school in the conference with four. USC, by contrast, had the most in the conference with 46, and Cal was second with 27.
Aaah. Only if Kuwada and his colleagues applied the same scrutiny to DeWayne Walker and told their readers about his inability to stop the spread, his lack of experience as a head coach, and his defenses humiliating performances in a number of games in last two years, perhaps we would have had a more balanced coverage on this search. But right now the way it has shaped up, it has all been tilted in favor of an above average DC with only 2 years of experience, who was not called into service by anyone except by the worst head coach in the history of UCLA football. For example check out this profile of the DyNoMite in the Press Enterprise:
Having worked under Pete Carroll (USC, Patriots), Joe Gibbs (Redskins) and Bill Belichick (Patriots), Walker has implemented pieces of each of those coaches into his no-nonsense style. Believing tough love is the best love, he often speaks his mind to his players, most of whom have embraced his direct approach.

"He is very good at interacting with his players on a number of different levels, whether it's with the whole team, a group of guys or if it's one-on-one," linebacker Christian Taylor said. "He has made himself the head guy, but he also finds a way to interact with you and you can like him at the same time. He is my friend, but first and foremost he is my coach, and I've never forgotten that."

Since taking over the reins, Walker has already tweaked several things within the program. Players must sit up straight and can't eat in team meetings. They must run once they step on the practice field and hurry from station to station.

With the defense already accustomed to those rules, the offensive players have begun to adapt to Walker, who understands that changing the mentality of UCLA football is part of the challenge the next head coach must tackle.

"Players are great, but some coaches couldn't get what they needed to out of our players," Carter said. "He specifically knows how to get what he needs out of us."

Walker's name has been bandied about for several openings this offseason, including the Washington State job, but he insists that he is focused on leading the Bruins in their bowl game and wants to remain in Westwood.

Guerrero has suggested that, should Walker not get the job, the new head coach would be strongly encouraged to retain Walker.
Where exactly Guerrero has suggested that I am not sure. I haven't seen any direct quote from him on that point. Yet if you were to believe the coverage of UCLA beat reporters, that’s the guy who should be one of the leading candidates or be the determinative factor in who should be the next head coach of our football program? Tell me am I crazy or is there something colossally screwed up with this picture?