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More Suspense

From Perelman at What's Bruin:

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is, we are told, interviewing a potential head football coach today whose name has not come up in the last few days as one of the top candidates for the job.

Who is he? There are suspicions, but no hard facts yet.

To clarify: This is someone other than Rick Neuheisel; someone whose name has not been in the conversation.
Who could it be?

Apparently it is probably not Kragthorpe.

You have any ideas?


Update: Per Dohn the mystery candidate is Temple coach, Al Golden:
Golden is the second known candidate to interview for a second time with Block, joining former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator and former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, who interviewed Tuesday.
On the surface, Golden may not seem like an inspiring hire, but he is highly thought of on the East Coast. He is 5-19 in two seasons at Temple, but the job was in disrepair when it took it over.
"He’s going places,’’ said a source close to Golden, who requested anonymity. "I think in a few years, if he’s still at Temple, he will be a guy who could be Penn State’s next coach.’’
Golden was a receiver at Penn State. He served as the defensive coordinator at Virginia from 2001-05 before taking over the Temple program. Golden and Block were also at Virginia together.
Uhm. No offense to Golden. I have no problem with an 'up and coming' coach 'going places.' I just dont't want that place to be Westwood, CA because we are just a little tired of the 'up and coming' coach 'going places' routine/BS we have had to endure for last three decades in two major sports. Then again I know these days you can't take much out of Dohn's "reports." Onward. GO BRUINS. -N