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Media Notes On Coaching Search (Beware of Games/Agenda)

In the coming days as we will get inundated with lots of stories and tidbits on the coaching search and the situation of current staff, just be careful. Be careful as to not running with what you hear from beat reporters as the gospel.

I know I don't have to tell that to folks here on BN, who have caught on to the tactics of traditional media long time ago (See Dante's post for the latest such effort on BN). But it is still worth repeating: take lot of information coming from the media reports with grain of salt and consider carefully where the information is coming from.

First let's start with Dohn, who has a piece on the search for Dorrell's replacement. Dohn thought it was legit to include this:

"I think it's been a horrible challenge for (Dorrell). The talk radio, the fans, the stuff on the Internet, and all of that," USC coach Pete Carroll said. "It can't get harder (than) to live like that, down to his fourth quarterback. Give him a friggin' break. How are you supposed to play football when you're down to your walk-on kid? They did the best they did. They fought it, I thought, at every turn."
Obviously none of that passes the laugh test. Yet, Dohn thought he could get away with including that BS.

Moreover, Dohn also wrote this nonsense ...
Also, there is a contingent of alums pushing Bruins defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker to take over the program, sources added.
... without identifying who exactly are these so called "alums" who are pushing for an also ran coordinator to take over the program.

Dohn didn't stop there. He wrote up a separate report, leading with these pimping grafs on Walker:
Washington State contacted UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker's representatives about the vacant head coaching position at the Pullman, Wash., school.

Walker, who turned one of the worst defenses in the nation into a strong unit, is also considered a strong candidate if UCLA replaces coach Karl Dorrell.

The Bruins' defense played well in Saturday's 24-7 loss to No. 8 USC at the Coliseum while staying on the field for nearly 38minutes and 85 plays. UCLA's offense ran 54 plays, and managed 168 yards.

Wazzu fired coach Bill Doba after last week's win against Washington.
I mean where does Dohn get his nonsense. Walker is considered a strong candidate for the UCLA job by who? Except for Lawman22, the Walker shill on BRO, I haven't seen anyone really clamoring for this journeyman coach in the NFL, who has had only 2 years of so so experience as DC at UCLA as our next head coach.

More from who are on to Walker pimping as well:
There is a concerted organized effort right now on the internet to sign Walker. We have NO DOUBT that this has been organized by Walker's people, his agent and lackeys perhaps.   Walker has had an organized effort for some time floating his name out there for jobs to gain some publicity, WHILE his HC was under fire.  This guy is shameless.

But more importantly, Walker is WRONG for UCLA.  He has LESS experience than Dorrell, and LESS success.  2 whole years of DC experience and his record is an abysmal 1 game over .500 ... and people want this guy?  He can't beat a spread offense, an offense that is gaining in popularity in college football, and people want this guy?  He is another on-the-job-training experiment and we are done with that. We think Dan Guerrero is as well.  If you see this talk on the internet, know that it is part of an organized campaign (they have tried to post many comments on here for months) ... shut it down!!
Couldn't agree more.

Now consider who is feeding Dohn this information? I haven't seen anything from Washington area papers or Cougar boards clamoring for the awesomeness of DeWayne Walker. This talk of Walker to WSU has only been coming from UCLA beat reporters. So yeah, I don't think it is unreasonable to conclude that it is Walker himself who is feeding these bozos these infos promoting his agenda, in a desperate attempt to make himself more marketable, and also retainable in the UCLA program.

Walker is playing the media game and Dohn and others have been a willing culprit as they have let him use their forum to promote his agenda.

So when it comes to coaching search, I doubt we would get straight info from Dohn.

Meanwhile, to reset in terms of the information in the public arena, here is what we do know. From the OC Register:
UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said that a decision regarding the future of Coach Karl Dorrell and the Bruins' staff will be made early this week, but boosters already have made contact with potential replacements, including Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

It is not known if the boosters were acting independently or as intermediaries of the UCLA Athletic Department. Contact also might already have been made with former Cal and San Francisco 49ers coach Steve Mariucci and former UCLA quarterback Rick Neuheisel, who is the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.
I have already shared my thoughts on Neuheisel. From my understanding that scenario will not go anywhere. We will have to see how things develop around Leach.   And from the Press Enterprise:
Karl Dorrell has been available throughout the season on a Sunday conference call and a Monday news conference.

But UCLA says it doesn't have the regular Monday news conference scheduled for this week and it is not certain that Dorrell, the embattled head football coach, will be made available Sunday when bowl pairings are set.
So stay alert. Lot of people are going to be pushing lot of nonsense why the traditional media in coming days.  We will do our best to see through it and call out some of the BS as best as we can. If you can help us out in any way at the same time to keep things straight, we would really appreciate it as well.