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More Gossip On Coaching Search

From John Czarneki at Fox Sports:

Well, two NFL types are supposedly interested in UCLA, especially if Karl Dorrell is fired as expected.

Steve Mariucci, who is currently working as an analyst for the NFL Network, is being pushed by Casey Wasserman, a huge benefactor toward the Bruins' current massive remodeling of Pauley Pavilion, home of the basketball and volleyball teams. Before becoming an NFL head coach in San Francisco and Detroit, Mooch was the head coach at Cal, where he finished 6-6.

The other NFL name at UCLA is Baltimore offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel, who knows the Pac-10 conference after coaching at Washington. Neuheisel's people are working hard behind the scenes to get his name into the mix.

One college coach who has apparently won't consider the UCLA job is Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, who is 23-2 after two seasons with a Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma.

UCLA also would be very interested in Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, but Garrett may have NFL options and would rather stay in Dallas than make a switch to college football.
Well the Wasserman/Mariucci angle makes sense. I have heard the same note. BTW this is the same Wasserman who made sure Howland had  a jet available to fly in from Pittsburgh for his interview. If you have forgotten here is the flashback courtesy of the Daily Bruin from 2003:
According to the Los Angeles Times, Casey Wasserman, the grandson of deceased movie studio founder Lew Wasserman, provided a private plane to take Howland from Pittsburgh to California.
So yeah Wasserman matters a bit. And anyone who facilitated Coach Howland's arrival in Westwood gets huge prop from yours truly.

As for the strong push on Neuheisel, that's not much of a surprise. Coach Neuheisel has a strong network (the Shnues are a tight bunch believe me) within the UCLA alum community who have always been in his corner. I just don't think this campaign will not go anywhere given his track record at Boulder and at Montlake.

Wrt to Peterson, I know he is the number 1 choice of many on BN. However, I think he will be a tough get for UCLA, and I don't think money is the issue in this case. And I don't see the Garrett scenario going anywhere. I don't believe he would be a smart hire given what he have gone through hiring coaches with no head coaching experience.