Making It Easy to Say Good-bye

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Why I won't feel bad when KD is fired.

As one of KD's most vocal critics in this Nation, and as one who demanded that he be fired, last year and after every game this year, I have always said that I would feel some pain when he was finally let go -- pain for the opportunities lost, and pain because KD was one of us, a Bruin.

I am feeling no pain, this morning, and cannot wait for the ax to fall.

Why? Not because we lost the game. Had KD been a good man doing poorly, I would have felt his pain.

But, he is not a good man. And, his reaction to this loss and his current situation make clear that he lacks character and integrity.

What finally put me in a mood to celebrate his firing?

Two Quotes from KD, both of which threw true Bruin Warriors under the bus:

"We had a great call on," Dorrell said. "We were in the right place. Christian Taylor didn't make the play." and, another in which he called out Chris Markey, personally, for his fumble: "Offensively, we struggled running the football; plus we had a fumble from Chris Markey. Our defense was probably playing too many plays in the early portion of the first half. Yet the offense does get a score late in the second quarter and the game is 17-7. To call out Chris Markey -- the man who KD had take an injection in his injured foot so that he could play, an injection and play that may well have caused greater injury -- how dare you?

And, to call out Christian Taylor -- also injured during the year, who was a better on field coach than the faux coach on the sidelines -- how dare you?

That's weak. Calling out your players to save your job. Very weak.

For every physical mistake a Bruin player has made, over the CTS reign, KD has made a dozen mental mistakes. But, I've yet to hear his players call him out.

He complains about injuries without ever recognizing that he has exposed his players to injury in a selfish attempt to save his own job. Does anyone truly believe PC was ready to play?

And, as if there were any more room for people to throw under the KD bus, last week he calls out Bob Toledo. Bob Toledo? He's been gone 5 years. That's weak.

Are these the acts of a man with character?

Are these the acts of a man with mental balance?

Now, it appears that KD may be delusional. He's talking about what he'll do next year. Next year? Uh, CTS, do you not hear the footsteps in the hall? Who do you think is coming to talk with you? The voice of next year?

 Want to hear his "new idea"?

Now, he is throwing his "unstoppable" WCO under the bus. Make room other victims, now it's the playbooks being thrown down there with you. Scootch over, I'm sure there are more people he will blame -- the haters, the racists, the people who never gave him an even playing field.

KD IS NOT A MAN OF CHARACTER. Yes, I know I am shouting. But, I am so tired of hearing what a quality human being he is, how he represents us well and sets a good example for all.

He is not, does not, and has not.

A man of true character would recognize HIS failings, protect his players, and -- out of respect for his alma mater -- step down so that the healing process could begin.

Instead, KD is desperately trying to save his job at the expense of his players.

The real victim? KD. Over the last several weeks, like a cheap frying pan, the Teflon is peeling away to reveal the lack of character in this man; his lack of integrity is beginning to show and stick.  He can no longer hide behind the "he's a great guy" "he's cleaned up the program" rhetoric that has been used to prop him up.  His complicity in the playing of the race card, and his finger of blame always pointing away from his own body have made the real man visible. I truly believe he has ruined his chances for a major college coaching position.

And, I no longer will feel bad when he is fired. Why? Because, in his own words "it is what it is."

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