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In the words of Charlie Brown: AAUUGGGHHH!!!!

Per Doh!n, Bellotti is staying at Oregon:

Mike Bellotti has rebuffed overtures from UCLA and will remain head coach at Oregon, leaving Rick Neuheisel as the apparent front-runner to become the Bruins' next football coach. An announcement is expected today.
Bellotti had met Thursday with UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero, who has been interviewing candidates since firing Karl Dorrell on Dec. 3.

This is NOT on Dohn's blog, but is on the actual Sports Section of the online edition of the Daily News.

Mike Bel-Lucy just pulled the freaking football.

^%$@#!% DAMN.

At the same time, you have to respect DG and his search committee/ firm for this: when was the last time (other than during the CBH hire) you heard of our AD's office going for anyone with anywhere NEARLY as big a name as Bellotti, huh?

Plus, the Bellotti news snuck up on us *less than 24 hours ago.* How many of us would LOVE to find out DG has another big name in the bag of tricks, along with the same big sack of cash to throw at him?

It's the time of year for miracles, folks. Who knows?