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Center Court: Ben Ball (Michigan) Open Thread

Ben Ball Warriors are on the road this morning taking on the Michigan Wolverines.

The last time they had their blue jerseys on this year? It was against the other Michigan team in which they had to pull out a thrilling come from behind win:

Photo Credit: planb247's photostream (flickr)

Let's hope ou guys come out with some fire and focus right out of the gate. Otherwise they will find themselves in a tough situation against a very well coached Michigan basketball team (which will be fired up to play UCLA despite its growing pains during its first year under a very good coach). For more on the game go here and here.

The tip off is set for 11:00 am PST (CBS regional). If you are not getting the game in your area you can follow it via links provided in the official site.

Once again if you are watching, listening, following, or tracking the game online, post your comments here.

This is our Ben Ball Warrior open thread.

Fire Away.