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A Gutsy Win BUT ...

I don't know. I still have a weird feeling after watching that game. By all accounts it was yet another gutty win for our warriors.

Just as I expected Michigan gave us all we could handle and had us in a very uncomfortable situation. So credit to Coach Howland for making sure our boys stayed with it, pulling out a tough win. Once again RW was steady. Playing great defense, knocking down some money shots, and attacking the rim:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tony Ding (via ESPN)

The final score was deceptive. It was lot closer than 69-54. (Boxscore) Bruins went up 8-0, but then fell behind by as much as 7 points into the  second half. Finally we got it together, stopped screwing around, and went on a torrid run in the second half putting the Wolverines away.

Yet it was one of the more disconcerting wins from last three years that leaves us with some questions. We have to wonder about DC and Mata's health.

DC just doesn't look himself. His passes are tenative. His shots are off. And his decision making on the court is being impacted by his injury. And we sure hope Mata is feeling ok because it will be interesting to find out why he wasn't in during most of the game. And we have to wonder about why once again these guys came out unfocused in the first half.

I will have more of my thoughts later as I try to calm down a bit. But I hope our guys reflect a bit and think about how they can come out in every game and play like a team from the very beginning, instead of waiting for that proverbial kick in the pants from the head coach. We still have a lot of work to do. Because if we keep playing like this in the first half, not only we can forget about getting into the Final-4, banners and all that jazz, we may not even get a chance to defend our conference titles.

That said this is our hoops post game thread. The football game thread will come up little later.

Doubleheader Saturday continues on BN.