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Respecting the U, DeWayne Walker Style

Well last time UCLA played a bowl game in Vegas there was a lot of off field shenanigans going on which might have had a role in our uninspiring, disgraceful, and humiliating loss against Wyoming. Odysseus blogged about Karl Dorrell's underbelly (you can search and look up the term underbelly) on Fire Karl Dorrell and he (and rest of us) took lot of heat for it.

Well, a few years later, a lot of that (including players showing up drunk during team meetings) turned out to be true. Even Walker cheerleader Brian Dohn wrote about it just last week:

UCLA interim coach DeWayne Walker said he doesn't anticipate any problems with the Bruins being in Las Vegas. He wasn't on staff when two players showed up drunk to a team meeting during the first few hours the team was in town, and he has some basic guidelines.
"Just respect this great university, respect their last names, and respect their coaches,'' Walker said. "Just respect. These are smart kids. They know right from wrong. Just act in a respectful manner. If they don't, then we will just send them home.''
Hmm. Well let's see how all of that worked out. Here is an email we got last night about 4:42 pm PST:
Word is ... that several of DeWayne's troops were enjoying themselves last night at a Palazzo bar.

I'm also told they are lousy craps players. ...
That would be hanging out at the bar the night before the game and spending time at the craps table.

We weren't sure whether or not to mention that email today until we spotted this today in the LAT courtesy of Simers:
Many of the Bruins spent a good deal of time this week at the craps table in the Venetian, and I know what that can take out of a person.
According to Simers, despite all of that, Walker's troops looked "ready" last night.

Well, I will let you decide whether they looked ready or focused.

And speaking of being "focused," I'm not sure if you guys missed this on Bruce Davis from the LAT:
He sparred with fans behind the Bruins' bench, making slashing motions across his throat and sticking his tongue out.
I guess that is DeWayne Walker's way of respecting the "university."

Staying up all night and having a good time before what was supposed to be a big game for these seniors, and then acting like Trojans (thugs) on the sidelines.

Respecting the U, DeWayne Walker style.