Walker's Brother Smearing Neuhiesel Online

Hello everyone.

I thought I was going to stay away from the UCLA sites during the Holidays, but couldn't help it. I took a little gander at the cess pool entitled, "We Want Walker." I am not going to give those losers a link and drive their traffic up. Instead I will post this, which is from DeWayne Walker's brother. Not only are they now on an all out campaign for this loser, they are doing it by smearing UCLA alums like RN:

If Neuhisel or Golden is hired, how will they recruit? DeWayne's detractors blighthly dismisses the recruiting coups that UCLA has scored over the past two years. Who will give Golden directions to the the Southern California high school coaches who that are presently sending their youngster to UCLA. Neuhisel has not recruited the PAC 10 in six years. And, if you review his success in recruiting Washington state players while he was at the University of Washington you will see that he did not do well. Another brother of mine and DeWayne is a 1975 University of Washington gradaute. His greatest complaint against Neuheisel is not that he lied and cast a cloud over his alma mater for recruiting violations, it is that Neuheisel lost the recruiting edge in the state of Washington that Don James spent a quarter of a century building. My UW brother claims that Willingham has had slow success at UW over the past three years because it has taken him that long to retake the state. If anyone believes that Neuheisel and Golden can go where DeWayne and Scott have been the last two years and bring those recruits to UCLA they should rethink their position. DeWayne's contacts in the southern california area comes from actively recruiting that area since the mid-1990s. Again that is from some guy who claims to be DeWayne's borther, who goes on to make the argument only Walker can recruit at UCLA and no one else.

Like many other Neuhiesel is not my number 1 choice. But already we have seen info about how lot of the negative stories about RN has been overblown.

It is absurd to argue only Walker can recruit at UCLA and that RN will not be a dynamic recruiter with his experience and charisma that he has to offer.

Folks I really believe lot of this garbage coming from Walker camp is concerted and I will not be surprised if Walker himself is aware of it.

And it is just crazy to see there are some UCLA fans who are falling for this promoting "interim" coach to the full time position nonsense after what we have been through with Lavin.

These people are just shameless.

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