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UCLA Alums Supporting Neuheisel: An Easy Call

Alright, it's on now.

So, Brian Dohn, a graduate of Rutgers University, who probably never had the grades to get into UC Merced, is now on all out campaign mode to install DeWayne Walker as the head coach of one of the flagships schools of the University of California.

Once upon a time we used to have a lot of respect for Dohn's reporting ability. But I guess when a reporter spends so long at a particular beat, it is natural to become personally close to some of his or her "sources," which compromises that person's ability to offer any kind of objective reporting.

Leading up to Dorrell's firing, Dohn kept serving one excuse after another to keep Dorrell, often offering opinions that were self-contradictory. Now in his quest to preserve the status quo, err, we mean to keep DeWayne within UCLA, Dohn has gone well beyond a reporter's role in covering his beat.

As is reporting tonight, Dohn is now pimping the pro Walker site on his blog and, even worse, he has come and issued an indirect threat to Dan Guerrero if he hires Rick Neuheisel in Westwood. Here is what Dohn put up on his blog tonight, which appears to be an indirect threat against the hiring of Neuheisel:

History Lesson

In light of UCLA interview Rick Neuheisel for a second time last week, I found this quote from a Daily News story written by Billy Witz.
During athletic director Dan Guerrero's press conference announcing he fired Bob Toledo as coach, Guerrero said:

``It's all about having the right environment,'' said Guerrero at an afternoon press conference that was packed with media, football players and athletic department employees. ``I didn't want to create a situation where the first transgression where one of our kids may have, the first bad call that a coach may have, would dredge up some really negative things in this program.
``I felt a change in leadership was necessary.'
Of course, Dohn didn't bother to look up those quotes when Karl Dorrell was bringing a convicted criminal onto his staff (who per DeWayne's supporters will be a big part of his staff) to boost inner city recruiting.

DD has already done this part, basically exposing Brian Dohn as a total hypocrite.

As for us, we will stick to numbers. BruinBlue just emailed us these numbers comparing Walker v. Neuheisel:
Scores don't always tell the whole story.  And Walker is just DC, while Neuheisel was HC.  But let's look at the points our team gave up in Walker's two years, compared to Neuheisel's four years at Washington, since that's the same conference as ours. We'll only look at Pac-10 games, because otherwise it's unbalanced (since Washington played the likes of Texas and Miami-Florida in OOC or Bowls)

UCLA  2006  169 points in 9 games.  18.8 pts. per game
UCLA  2007  192 points in 9 games.  21.3 pts. per game

Washington 1999  185 points in 8 games.  23.1 points per game
Washington 2000  183 points in 8 games.  22.9 points per game
Washington 2001  237 points in 8 games   29.6 points per game
Washington 2002  165 points in 8 games   20. 6 points per game

Walker's defense did a little better on ppg, but Neuheisel's only had the one bad year in 2001.  Otherwise, it's quite close.

Now, let's look at how Neuheisel's teams did on offense in the Pac-10

1999  232 points in 8 games.  29.0 pts. per game
2000  258 points in 8 games.  32.2 pts. per game
2001  227 points in 8 games.  28.4 pts. per game
002  243 points in 8 games.  30.4 pts. per game

Now, what we can easily see here is that Neuheisel's offenses are far better than anything we have had here recently.  His defenses are not as quite as good as what we've had, but not far off.  The worst we are going to do under Neuheisel is what he did at Washington; here he should get more talent.  Even if you believe that Walker, sans the many upperclassmen he has been able to coach in the last two years, will keep the defensive stats as they have been (no sure thing), look what you are giving up in potential offense by hiring Walker and hoping he hires a good offensive coordinator.  This should clearly indicate to relatively unbiased observers that you get a lot more capability with Neuheisel than you do with Walker.  And note that Neuheisel's Pac-10 records were 6-2, 7-1, 6-2, 4-4.
Note Walker's numbers were based on defenses that were peppered with upperclassmen during the last two years.

Frankly, I find it comical that we have to spend this kind of effort to convince folks that Neuheisel is a better option than Walker. The numbers we should be talking about are those comparing Neuheisel to someone like Leach or a Mendenhall. Those are the candidates who are at the same level.

Walker is a joke. He is a product of a constant campaign of a beat reporting press which has lost its ability to be objective when it comes to reporting on matters related UCLA football, and an entrenched bunch of bureaucratic cronies and football program groupies, who have gotten off from the access the current incompetent coaching staff has provided them over the years. These are the losers who have served us up with excuses year after year, explaining away the underachieving UCLA football seasons, and these are the same losers who will be making the same excuses in the coming years if the UCLA administration is stupid enough to even think about favoring an inexperienced nobody like Walker over Neuheisel. It is absolutely shameful what these bands of access loving, worshippers of mediocrity have done to UCLA football and the expectations around it over the years.

Again, as I have said before, RN is not my number 1 choice. However, given the circumstances, if the choice come down to an unproven nobody with zero years of head coaching experience and Coach Neuheisel, I know who I will want to go with.

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We are ready for Neuheisel.

If it came down to Neuheisel v. Walker, there is no question it is Coach Neuheisel who represents a clear break from the rotten culture of mediocrity that has eaten away at the core of UCLA football for the last several years.

As UCLA alums, this should be an easy call for all of us.