Let Walker go to UW

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If Walker wants to go to UW, I say let him go.  I question the premise that he wants to go to UW in the first place, and here's why: Tyrone Willingham is on the hottest of hot seats up in Seattle and he is exceedingly likely to be gone next year.  Indeed the Coaches Hot Seat currently has him ranked #1.  The Athletic Director recently resigned in a huff, presumably because the large boosters were urging him to fire Willingham for his less than stellar performance.  

If Walker was truly a hot commodity, as many of the Walkeristas claim, couldn't he do better than a lateral move to a down-and-out program in turmoil?  Why would a hot commodity want to move to a place where the head coach will likely be fired next year?

Answer:  He's not really a hot commodity.  He was never a serious candidate for any other head coaching jobs.  If he wants to go to UW, let him.  He will likely be out of a job next year and if Coach Neuheisel wants to hire him as DC then, he can do so.

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