Golden Showers

O.k., so the title is in questionable taste, but it probably caught your attention -- unless it caught Nestor's attention first.

This post may be as old as Al Golden's refusal to coach at "that place" and remain at Temple. But Kuwada wrote in today's OC Register in conjunction with an article about Golden's decision (emphasis added):

Walker declined to get into specifics of his meeting with Block, but said he felt it went well. Walker, who served as UCLA's interim coach in the bowl game, also met Wednesday with Washington's coach Tyrone Willingham.

The Huskies fired defensive coordinator Kent Baker and Walker is believed to be the top candidate for Willingham.

Walker also has drawn interest in from at least two other schools from BCS conferences as a defensive coordinator.

As I said, probably old news, but it's hard to hold down a job and lead a normal life, and keep up with the blistering pace of bulletins, analyses, and posts here on BN.

What is noteworthy is the fact that Walker [allegedly] had two interviews yesterday. It just goes to show you what a shameless marketer that guy really is. I mean, he has his relatives touting him on other boards, Dohn going all out in full PR mode for him, the other brain-dead MSM mercenaries blowing his horn, he's talking about how he's God's gift to UCLA football and recruiting..

..and he's out feathering his own nest with Willingham.

Such loyalty.

On the other hand and getting back to the title of this post, Al Golden seems to me like a real class act. No, I mean that seriously. Kuwada writes:

In a statement released through the Temple athletic department, Golden, 38, said he was flattered by the Bruins interest in him. "However," he said, "we are on the brink of something truly special here at Temple."

The statements and comments surrounding Golden's withdrawal from the Temple people seem to share that feeling of excitement at his choice to remain at the university. There's a sense of genuine excitement about the job he's done there and a belief that he will continue to improve a program that has fallen on hard times athletically. It sure raised my estimation of him. I mean, here's a guy who could have thrown everything overboard -- like a small school, desultory city, hard winters on the East coast, etc. -- to come out to a limelight program in a major media market and, were he successful in turning around the UCLA program, he would have been the darling of a large contingent of Los Angeles sports fans. I don't know what Temple is paying him or if he got a raise to remain, but based on his attitude and sentiments, it sure sounds like they got a bargain.

In retrospect, it would have been much better if the situation were Walker withdrawing from consideration and taking another job (my keyboard to God's ears) and still having Golden in contention with Neuheisel and the mysterious coach behind door number three. least you'd have two known commodities who are interested in doing the job for the school they were hired rather than doing the work for self-aggrandizement.

Post script:
You want to know how much these beat writers are in the tank for walker? Take a look at how the actual URL (the link cited above) for the Kuwada story is constructed -- particularly the bold part:" it's almost part of their DNA.

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