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Center Court: Ben Ball (UC Davis) & Welcome Coach Neuheisel Open Thread

Well what do you know? As I am hanging out (and traveling around) Southern California, I get the awesome news:


Obviously we will have lot more in the coming hours/days. I won't be around much from here on out till Sunday night. I am sure Menelaus, Odysseus, Meriones, Tydides et all will keep this place hopping. I will make one thing clear. We are more than excited. And we will give Coach Neuheisel the same kind of breathing room we gave to our coach from our other major program.

Speaking of whom let's catch our breath and enjoy a little hoops. Ben Ball warriors get to warm up one more time before heading into the conference season:

Photo Credit: Polvitos' photostream (flickr)

UC Davis is tonight's opponent. For more on those guys go here.

The tip off is set for 4:30 am PST (FSN Prime Ticket). You can follow the game via links provided in the official site.

If you are watching, listening, following or tracking the game online, post your comments here.

This is our Ben Ball Warrior open thread.

And you can of course use this thread to:


Fire Away.