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More Notes On Coaching Situation

D-Day is here. Although it may not become "official" (for all you press conference junkies) signs are becoming more than concrete. Meriones has already blogged about the process piece in the LA Times. I thought the news on Peterson is welcoming. But I am not getting my hopes up. I think there is still a lot of hurdles DG will have to overcoming to get Peterson into Westwood. As for the Doofus, DG is meeting with the loser this am:

A meeting between Guerrero and Dorrell is to take place this morning, and the Bruins coach has a team meeting scheduled for late in the afternoon.
That was from the OC Register, which also provided this ironic line about the reaction of the Las Vegas bowl organizer to hosting two teams that have already played earlier season, and one of which could be playing with an interim coach (emphasis mine):
"There are certain things that are out of your control and that is not in our control," Kunzer-Murphy said. "It is what it is. There is nothing that we can do if there is a coaching change."
Only in the tragicomic world of Dorrellian football. Speaking of tragicomic, Dohn continues to serve as if he was DeWayne Walker’s press secretary and provides the report on DyNoMite’s predicament given his pursuit of the head coaching position at WSU:
Another possibility is UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker, who sources said was expected to get an interview. It is possible Walker will be named UCLA's interim coach against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl, but other factors are in play, sources said.

Walker's potential involvement with Washington State could hamper his ability, or willingness, to serve as UCLA's interim coach. Walker's representative was contacted by Washington State last week.

If former Wazzu coach Mike Price does not leave Texas-El Paso and return to Wazzu, Walker could have a shot at the job, making it difficult for him to serve as UCLA's interim coach and prepare for a bowl game during a time he could be recruiting for another program.
If Walker is not the interim coach, UCLA assistant director of academic services Ed Kezirian is the expected choice. He held the same capacity when Guerrero fired Bob Toledo after the 2002 season, and led the Bruins to a 27-13 defeat of New Mexico in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Uhm, I will take Coach K over some self promoting, selfish SOB who is only there to push his own agenda any day. The more I read about how Walker, the more I get disgusted with him as an individual. I really don’t want him around Westwood. And I hope the next head coach do not feel pressure to keep this guy on the payroll. As Fox 71 pointed out here, roughly third of his colleagues produce better results than he does. It shouldn’t be that difficult for UCLA to find an above average DC if it get itself a very good head coach.