RN Working It Already: Mallett to UCLA?

Dohn back to regular work:

Rick Neuheisel is less than 48 hours on the job as UCLA's coach, but sources said one possible addition to the coaching staff is Michigan quarterbacks coach Scott Loeffler, who will be out of a job after the Wolverines play in the Capital One Bowl against Florida on Tuesday.
Loeffler graduated from Michigan, and has been on staff at U-M since 2002.
If Loeffler lands in Westwood, a situation worth watching is whether Michigan quarterback Ryan Mallett will follow. Sources said Mallett, a freshman, is looking at the possibility of transferring because he will not fit into new coach Rich Rodriguez's spread offense, and UCLA is a possible destination. Mallett to UCLA? That could be interesting. Although that's one area we are doing good. We have C-Force in the program. Next year we are getting Nick Crissman.

Although if Mallett transfers, I think he will have a good shot going up against C-Force.

This is definitely interesting.


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