Dorrell Won't Coach LV Bowl

From  Dohn's Blog:


Karl Dorrell has decided not to coach the UCLA football team in the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22.

"I appreciate the opportunity to coach in the bowl game, but I have decided it is in the best interests of the program for me to decline that opportunity," said Dorrell. "The game should be about the players, especially the seniors. While I would love to take the field with these young men one last time, I felt that my situation would take the focus away from our players and their efforts and that's the last thing I would want to do.

"I wish the players great success against BYU and in their respective futures."

Although I was one of those who wanted Dorrell gone as quickly as possible, I am not sure how I feel about this.  

I suppose it's just as well.  The way things are going, we might be in for a tough time in this rematch. BYU almost won the first game and is playing well.  UCLA is not playing so well and it is hard to speculate how motivated our guys will be.

At least DG let Dorrell decide for himself whether he wanted to stick around or not.  Dorrell's statement is classy and puts the focus where it should be.

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