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Petersen Gives His (Pretty Direct?) Answer ...

I think we have our first sign in this coaching search and it comes from Chris Petersen, who is in Los Angeles (how convenient) for a recruiting trip. But Petersen I think provides a pretty direct answer wrt to UCLA:

"If I'm at your press conference four days from now, throw tomatoes at me," he added. "I'm not a candidate. It's not a good fit for me."
And he went on to add:
"That's a great place," Petersen said of UCLA. "Somebody is going to do well there."
Sounds like a good guy. I am not holding out my hope for him. But once again we need to make sure that "somebody" cannot be DeWayne Walker. We need a proven head coach (like Petersen) and there are number of them available who will do well at UCLA.