Ben Ball Notes

I have already written up my full thoughts on Sunday's game. Pucin has more day after quotes from the players:

"Five rebounds is unacceptable for me," he said after the game. "I should have 10 rebounds every game.

"I just think I need to seek the ball out more. There's a few times we got tripped up a little bit by their defense. Other players took good shots, open shots, so I can't really say anything today."

Junior Josh Shipp said it is difficult to make passes to Love in the post when UCLA faces a zone.

"Kevin's not as open as people think," Shipp said. "Teams are packing it in with two, three guys on Kevin. The pass isn't always there."

Love played only 24 minutes, partly because Coach Ben Howland chose to play senior Lorenzo Mata-Real for defensive purposes at the end of the game. Howland used his final timeout with 2 minutes 23 seconds left, so he didn't have the option of switching Love and Mata-Real on offensive and defensive possessions.

"I missed a few hedges on defense in the first and second half," Love said. "On defense, it's a hard thing to pick up. Right now Coach Howland trusts Lorenzo a little more." Well Mata Real only has 4 years of head start over Love in the department of getting coaching from Howland. So Love doesn't need to be too hard on himself. His day will come.

Bruins as expected fell in the rankings BBR has the details. I will start paying more close attention to the rankings as we get into the stretch run. Right now all I care about is getting better with each game.


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