Bowl Schedule Effect on Hiring Timetable?

I realize that with KD being let go barely two days ago, a lot of us have been anxious to find out who DG is talking to, who's in L.A. for possible interviews, etc.

Some are also worried about the recent reports that the AD's office still hasn't picked a recruiting firm yet.

Have faith, everybody.  Have faith.

This may be a fool's faith, but I am not fully convinced that Petersen out of Boise State would NOT entertain a competitive offer from us.

Why do I say this? Because his season is not over yet.

KD's season may have reached its inevitable early conclusion, but pretty much EVERY GUY we here at the Nation are looking/ hoping/ praying for is, well, pretty busy at the moment.

1)  Paul Johnson, Head Coach at Navy?
*Preparing for Poinsettia Bowl, December 20, 2007.*

2)  Brian Kelly, Head Coach at Cincinnati?
*Preparing for Papa John's Bowl, December 22, 2007.*

3)  Bronco Mendenhall, Head Coach at BYU?
*Preparing for Las Vegas Bowl, December 22, 2007.*

4)  Chris Petersen, Head Coach at Boise State?
*Preparing for Hawaii Bowl, December 23, 2007.*

5)  Jim Grobe, Head Coach at Wake Forest?
*Preparing for Meineke Bowl, December 29, 2007.*

6)  Mike Leach, Head Coach at Texas Tech?
*Preparing for Gator Bowl, January 1, 2007.*

So, what can we take from this information?

(a)  It is highly unlikely that ANY actively working head coach would come out and publicly say that they're going to interview with US when there's still a Bowl Game to be played, not unless they REALLY want to risk their entire booster population skewering them online and in phone calls to their respective ADs.

(b)  A lot of the guys talked about here seem like pretty good candidates, as they've all led their teams to Bowl games.

(c)  Say it takes 2-3 weeks for DG to get a recruiting firm going, narrow candidates, and conduct initial interviews and intel for the candidates. Guess what? 3 weeks from now, 4 of these guys could conceivably communicate with us and NOT have a Bowl Game to worry about...

(d)  There is a (bleep) load of Bowl Games floating around out there, damn.

Have faith, BruinsNation.



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