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Ty - Mora - Petersen & Interesting Happenings

A number of folks have been keeping an eye on Seattle and the Tyrone Willingham situation at UDub.  Looks like UDub is going to have Ty around for one more year. From Bob Condotta in the Seattle Times:

Tyrone Willingham received the backing of University of Washington officials today as they announced he would remain as the school's football coach despite three losing seasons.

At a news conference, athletic director Todd Turner and Willingham both said they were not pleased with the season's results, but were confident that they were on the verge of turning the program around. A statement from UW president Mark Emmert was read, echoing those thoughts.

"There has been much speculation,'' Emmert's statement began. "Everyone connected with Husky disappointed with this season's record. No one is more disappointed than the coach himself. Everyone understands we need to be more competitive. I have confidence Tyrone will make that happen.''
So  what does this news have to do with us? Well looky here who the Husky fans have been wishing for:
Most of the urgency has to do with local favorite Jim Mora Jr.. I think most people would be content giving Ty another year if the heir apparent wasn't sitting over there in Kirkland ready to go. Jerry Brewer and other make a good point in questioning whether Mora has what it takes to be a great coach, let alone a better college coach than Willingham is at this point.

I think it comes down to more than simply coaching. I think what really matters is how the program is perceived. I think Ty has done an absolute lousy job at promoting the program at a critical juncture. I feel he has alienated fans, boosters, and the media which isn't the right tack to take when you are trying to raise $400 million to redo Husky Stadium.

I think Mora, or Peterson have what it takes to rally all the Husky fans together to make great things happen. I don't think Ty has the ability, or the urgency to do that, and that is why I think a change would be a good thing.
Maybe that's why Petersen seems to holding steady at BSU (waiting for TY to get canned next season) and why all on a sudden Mora Jr's name showed up in our coaching search this morning.

Lot of interesting developments like this taking place around the country that may connect with what is going on in Westwood. And I see Grobe is in 'listening' mode, although he wasn't the guy I was thinking of when I was keeping an eye on Nebraska.