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Mora-UCLA Contact & Some More Thoughts On Walker ...

From the Seattle Press Intelligence:

Jim Mora, the Seahawks secondary coach, is among several candidates being considered by UCLA as a replacement for Karl Dorrell, according to reports in two Los Angeles area newspapers.

Dorrell was fired Monday.

Others on the Bruins' "radar," according to the reports: Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly, former University of Washington coach and UCLA quarterback Rick Neuheisel, former NFL coach Steve Mariucci, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, former USC assistant and current Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow and UCLA defensive coordinator Dewayne Walker.

This "news" helps make sense of what Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said during his news conference Wednesday when asked about how he handles being contacted about his assistant coaches for vacancies at other places.

"It's already happened with one of the coaches on my staff. He came to me," Holmgren said. "We talked about it, at length. As a head coach, when I've had some input into the thing, I've been one to allow and encourage coaches, if there's a better situation, I'll help you, I'll do what I can. I think I've been pretty consistent that way."

The immediate speculation was that Holmgren was talking about Mora and the University of Washington. But sources later confirmed that Holmgren had not been contacted by Washington about Mora.
That's a pretty interesting note. What is also interesting that I haven't seen any such articles from the papers in Northwest indicating Washington State has contacted Walker. All the Walker to WSU nonsense is just coming from the UCLA beat writers and certain Walker shills on the message board which should give you a good idea on where exactly that story is coming from. When a coach is truly marketable schools will find a way to contact him. On the other hand if you can read between the boilerplate, predictable reporting pattern coming from the traditional media, you can always sniff out a subtle campaign of shameless self promotion and driving of agendas (i.e. protecting valuable access to the program), which could be happening in the case of our football program.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on the Mora note. I know some folks (including my own colleagues on the front page) have reservations about him. But I will take him in a heart beat over an unproven self promoting hack like DeWayne Walker.