New Book Exposes Reggie Bush

Yes, Bruins Nation, there really is a Santa Claus.

This new book does not come out until January 2008, but let's just consider this an early Christmas present anyway, shall we?

"Nearly two years after Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy, a book detailing improper benefits he allegedly received while playing for the University of Southern California and his relationship with the financiers of a fledgling sports marketing company could further damage his chances of keeping the most prestigious award in college sports.

The book, "Tarnished Heisman" by Don Yaeger and Jim Henry, published by Simon & Schuster, will include transcripts of recorded conversations that contain Bush acknowledging he owed money to the financiers of New Era Sports & Entertainment. Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels of New Era planned to feature Bush as their marquee client to launch their marketing agency. The business failed after Bush sought representation elsewhere."

And Reggie may not have to worry about the tarnish on the Heisman...because it might be taken away...

"Yaeger said he believes the book could prove significant in pushing forward the NCAA investigation and ultimately lead to Bush losing the Heisman. No player has ever been stripped of the award. The Heisman Trust would decide Bush's fate. This year's Heisman will be presented Saturday in New York.

"My belief is that Heisman voters will have another decision to make in the near future," Yaeger said.

Henry said after he listened to the recorded conversations and examined documents, he was convinced Bush and his family received the improper benefits.

It could also impact victories from the 2005 season, when Bush helped USC return to the national championship game, which the Trojans lost to Texas."

I only posted a few excerpts from the article.  

Read all about it and remember to thank Santa twice this Christmas.

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