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Saturday Football News & Notes

Ajax posted the scoop on June Jones going after the UCLA head coaching job "hot and heavy." Dohn had no choice to take a break from his on going campaign to promote DeWayne Walker and report the June Jones story:

Hawaii coach June Jones let UCLA know he is interested in the vacant head coaching position, and he is a candidate of interest for Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero, sources said.

Jones has a mix of NFL and college head coaching experience, runs a high-octane passing offense and would also enable UCLA to keep defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker on the staff, sources added.

Using a run-and-shoot offense, Jones helped the Warriors to a 12-0 mark and a berth in a BCS bowl. Hawaii, which has a 13-game winning streak and Heisman Trophy finalist in quarterback Colt Brennan, will play Georgia in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1.

But a big question for UCLA could be Jones' true interest  in the job. He is paid $800,000 at Hawaii, must deal with downtrodden practice and coaching facilities, and has a recruiting budget of $50,000. There could be concern Jones would use UCLA to get a better deal at Hawaii.
LOL I like how Dohn made sure to insert the obligatory "but" angle for June Jones story, which he often leaves out when covering his boy DeWayne Walker. And if there is no doubt any more that DeWayne Walker is Dohn's choice to be UCLA's head coach. He came out and acknowledged it on his own blog:
Who would you like or think UCLA should hire for HC??
I think DeWayne Walker would be a great hire. He is sharp, has a great pedigree, loves to recruit, is personable, knows the ins and outs of UCLA and its obstacles, and would love to compete against USC's Pete Carroll. Now, that doesn't mean there isn't another candidate out there that could do the job, either.
Only in the world of a Rutgers graduates some guy with a bachelors degree from an online (Regents U) university would be deemed as have a "great" pedigree. Anyway, the question above was part of Brian Dohn's monster 8-part effort to "engage" with his readers in which he managed to get this in: a shot against our football program and of course all of us:
In your opinion, how desirable is the UCLA HC job?
Put it another way, suppose all D-1 HC jobs became vacant tomorrow, and the bestest, most awesomest coach magically descends from the sky (so no sentimental attachment to any school) and he's asked to rank his preferred school to coach in, where would UCLA be ranked?
It's an ok job. Nothing great. The facilities still are a problem, I question whether the priority is basketball, the fan base and fickle and often whines, and I think the academics are an issue, both getting in school and the work load to keep kids in school. I would think UCLA wouldn't crack the top 20 in the nation.
Yeah, it's an ok job. That is why June Jones of the world are going after it. Man what is going to happen if DG actually hires a coach with head coaching experience who we are all happy with?

Anyway enough of Dohn. Let's get to our team. Bunch of our players received some individual honors from another underachieving Dorrellian season. You can read the details here. Congrats to Horton for making the All American team.