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Steady: Postgame Thread

The Bruins stumble out of the gate offensively, spotting Davidson a 32-14 lead, before wiping the glass with the Wildcats (35-15 rebounding edge) and outscoring them 61-31 the rest of the way to win 75-63.

Even when the Bruins were falling behind, there was a marked improvement in the effort defensively over the first half of Texas. Since it was the John Wooden Classic, it seems only right to note that our guys may have been mistaking activity for achievement, rotating only on player movement within the arc (recurring nightmares of Augustin perhaps?), even when it became apparent that all Davidson wanted to do was shoot 3's. Near the end of the first half, that all changed, and Ben Howland sent his guys to pressure all the way out to midcourt and the comeback was on.

Most impressive today was the defensive effort of Westbrook, holding sharpshooter Stephen Curry to 6-19 shooting. Russell has the tools to be a lockdown defender. Who knows what could happen later this season, especially if he adopts the Arron Afflalo Mentality?

Harry How/Getty Images

I'm glad that with all that's been said about "giving Love the ball", that we didn't try and force it. Love is going to get the star treatment from our opponents this season folks, it's time to get used to it. His teammates will have to make them pay for it. With Ben Howland at the helm, and a very talented roster, I'm sure they will.

Postgame Thread. Never say Die, Bruins.