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The Right "Fit"?

One of the code words that I am reading coming from the keyboards of losers wanting us to settle for Walker is the idea of the next coach being the right "fit" for UCLA. Let me see if I can simplify this.

Do we want our head coach to be the loser who was in charge of this defense:

Or do we want our coach to be someone like the one who was in charge of the winning team in this game (2004 Holiday Bowl):

Again this  post is not meant to be an endorsement for a certain head coach. But I did put up those videos to give all those morons who are trying to shove the Walker BS on the UCLA train while arguing coaches like Leach wouldn't be the right "fit" for UCLA.

There are idiots out there who are supporting a guy who was in charge of a Bruin defense during one of the most epic defensive choke jobs in the history of UCLA football. And people expect us to just sit down and stay quiet while this campaigning takes place? Tell me again based on those videos who is the right "fit" for UCLA football?