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The Real Corner Turner

No I am not talking about some self promoting defensive coordinator without any kind of head coaching experience, who is on all out campaign mode for the head coaching position at UCLA. I am talking about Turner Gill, the head coach at University of Buffalo, who came very close to becoming the head coach at University of Nebraska, and who is under consideration for the position at University of Michigan. serves up the right pitch:

University of Buffalo's football program jumped up to Div-1A 9 years ago and have had a very hard time of it.  They won all of 10 games in their first 7 years in the top division, and only 8 conference games in the Mid-American (MAC) conference in their first 8 years.  Turner Gill took over the program as head coach, his first HC job, last year to help turn around the program.  In his second year this year, Gill took a perennial doormat, one of the worst teams in the country, to a tie for their divisional title in the MAC - going 4-2 in the conference during the regular season.  Turner Gill turned a program around in his first 2 years as a head coach.

More on his efforts this year:  During the season Tuner Gill's team took on a highly ranked Rutgers team and highly ranked Penn State.  They lost those games but scored a respectable 24 points on Penn State before losing 45-24.  Buffalo took on big programs in their out-of-conference schedule and ended the season 5-7.  For his efforts in changing the fortunes of Buffalo in such short order Gill was named MAC Coach of the Year.  He has not had a winning season, but to win in his conference after a decade of last place finishes is noteworthy.

What Turner Gill did with a horrible program is worth praising.  And he is going about rising through the college coaching ranks the right way - as so many champion head coaches have done - he is proving it at a smaller program first.   And, it bears noting, Turner Gill is black.   Gill did not automatically presume that he was entitled to a shot at a big name program for his first HC gig, like some coaches.  He went out and proved he deserved a shot ... and he proved it in 2 short years.  That is why he is now being interviewed for Michigan's job.
Unlike the DyNoMite, whose lackies pimp him as "the Real Deal" on message boards, Coach Turner has earned a legitimate shot. He has paid dues, accumulated the right amount of experience, and has shown the ability to build a program, proving himself as worthy candidate regardless of his racial and ethnic background. However, if UCLA truly wants to show the public it intends to pick its head coach from a pool of credible and diverse candidates, it should be looking at individuals like Turner Gill, not unproven barely average self promoting hacks like DeWayne Walker, who has shown no track record of building program.