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Center Court: Ben Ball (Oregon) Open Thread

Well it's the biggest game of the season at Pauley. We all know what's at stake: chance to grab a hold of the Pac-10 reg. season championships, a high seed for the Big Dance yadi, yada, yada. So I thought we do something little different for tonight's game thread.

This is what we want to see a lot of tonight:

A Classic Ben Ball Sequence, Photo Credit: Daven Hill

We want to see intense, suffocating defense, leading to easy, smart transition buckets on the offensive end. Thanks again to Daven Hill for this wonderful sequence of shots. Of course we also want to see our guys playing with composure and patience against Oregon's matchup zone, but the energy for tonight will come from our defense.

The game is on FSN. Tip-off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow/track the game online via link in the official site.

This is our Ben Ball open game thread. Yes it's up early but it's a big game.

Fire away.