Recruiting Scandals Piling Up For Sleazy Peetie

OC Register reports on the recruiting scandals piling up for Pom Pom. And we are talking about scandals just from this year:

The NCAA and Pac-10 are looking into potential recruiting violations by the USC football team. While none of the potential infractions appear to be serious, a growing file could spell trouble for the Trojans down the road.

On Wednesday, highly rated high school running back Joe McKnight told reporters he listened in on a conversation between USC coach Pete Carroll and ex-Trojans running back Reggie Bush. McKnight sought assurance the Trojans would not be punished for a separate NCAA investigation into improper benefits reportedly taken by Bush.

Getting Bush's help in recruiting McKnight is considered a "secondary violation" of recruiting rules, according to an NCAA spokeswoman.

Earlier, the father of Crenshaw High of Los Angeles defensive lineman Brian Price said USC sent a chauffeur-driven limousine to pick up his son for a recruiting visit, another potential infraction. The maximum penalty for a secondary violation is to revoke a player's eligibility, though that appears unlikely in McKnight's case.

"The investigative staff needs to look at all the mitigating circumstances and all the surrounding issues, then decide from there," NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said.

The Trojans began an internal investigation after a reporter relayed McKnight's comments to the athletic department.

"We're aware of it and looking into it," spokesman Tim Tessalone said.

Uh yeah Trojies are looking into it. That's like the White House looking into charges of fabrications of intelligence report on WMD.

Whatever we all know nothing is going to come of this. NCAA will not say anything neither will the Pac-10. Who will want to kill this money making machine out of LA?

Of course Sleazy Peetie is out there spinning, saying that McKnight's word got "twisted." Yeah sure Peetie. Whatever you say.

Meanwhile, as OC Register reports SuC is also going after the crazy quarterback from Arkansas - Mitch Mustain. Just google him up blogsearch and you will see how this kid and his psyhoctic family tore apart the Razorbacks this off-season.

These guys have no shame. They have become so bold now that they will skirt the rules out in the open and their delusional, win at all cost, crazy, psychotic, cultish fan base will still look the other way.

Just remember one thing Trojies. Stay in denial. There is one thing called karma. Time will come for Peetie to pay up. And it is going to be something to watch.

Cheat on.

Go Bruins.

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