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Relax ...

3 Losses = 3 Floor Rushes

Just goes to show what kind of program Coach Howland has built up in Westwood in less than four years.

I had a bad feeling about this game all along. And then the Bruins went in without DC.

Bruins ran into an ambush with a freshman pg and found themselves down by 19 points deep into the second half. And yet they fought away (despite dealing with some of the strangest officiating we have seen to date) and found themselves in a position to win.

Photo Credit: Jeff Gentner/AP Photo

Just like last season, the Bruins mounted a second half surge going on a 15-0 run, but end up coming short losing by 5. Here is the box score.

Of course, I am disappointed with the lack of passion our team displayed in the first half. And time after time we made questionable decisions on offense.

But no reason to sulk. The Bruins need to come back home, regroup, and work on winning the conference. If the Bruins win the conference and finish the season strong, they will find themselves with a number 1 or number 2 seed out West.

In other words, a loss in this game is just as meaningless as the loss in the same game we suffered last year. So let's move on. I gotta run. I will post more thoughts tomorrow.

In Howland we trust.

So just relax and cheer up.