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Chin Up

I will try to post more thoughts and reflections on our hoops team later today or early tomorrow am. I want to apologize to those of you who I was hard on for taking the loss a little too hard yesterday afternoon. I can see why a loss during Howland era hurt so much. Guess that's what happens when you get a Coach like Howland spoil us so fast that losses became so rare in just his fourth year in the program.

We do have some issues with our hoops team which we have to work on. However, I do have tell you coming into this season given some of the questions that were around our team based on the departures of Farmar, Hollins, and Bozeman, my expectations were modest. That is why right now my mind is calm concerning our team's fate given that they are 21-3 and still in position to finish the season strong.

Couple of things from today's news. First, some folks were wondering why Mata didn't play much. Per Dohn Mata was hurt yesterday. He sat out the second half because of a hip injury. Right now both DC and Mata are questionable for the ASU game.

Second, Howland is not making any excuses:

"They did a good job. They beat us fair and square," Howland said. "Their style of play is very difficult to prepare for and defend.
Howland is not only one taking responsibility. Here is Afflalo in the LAT:
"We lost this as a team," said Afflalo, who tied a career high with 27 points and was one off his career high with nine rebounds.
And then there is Westbrook, who is taking the loss hard trying to place all the blame on himself:
"I didn't get my teammates involved like I should have," Westbrook said. "There were some back doors that I got beat on. I feel like it's my fault. I should have come out and stepped up, and I didn't step up like I should."
Westbrook needs to chin up. The kid needs to forget about yesterday and get ready for Thursday. He will plenty of his own shining moments ahead.

I will have more later today or early tomorrow. Meanwhile, keep the great discussion threads going. I have some amazing posts in the comment thread over last 24 hours. As usual don't forget to use the diaries if you want to share extensive thoughts with all of us on Bruins Nation.

Bruins are in a tough situation now with injuries to DC and Mata. But we were in these situations all last year. The team under Howland's leadership fought through it. I expect them to chin up and to fight through it again this year. We are going to be all right.