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Daily Bruin Writer Compares Dorrell Critics to Known Facist/Anti-Semite

It has come down to this. The assclowns over at Daily Bootlickers are now comparing Dorrell critics over at DD to a known anti-semite and fascist. Here is what Ben Azar of Daily Bruin wrote about Dorrell critics over at Dump Dorrell:

The Web site has criticized Dorrell for every reason imaginable, including poor in-game coaching, failure to take responsibility, inability to recruit and insincerity. It makes some ridiculously baseless, LaRouche-like assertions that should serve as red flags to the people that actually put stock in the Web site. One assertion that really has me chuckling is that the assistant coaches that have left have mostly been forced out by Dorrell, who is using them as scapegoats to deflect responsibility from his "horrible" beginning as a head coach.

And here is DD's rapid and on point response:

Lydon LaRouche is a known anti-semite and fascist, and a convicted felon. Ben went too far with that even loose comparison of our crticisms of Dorrell's coaching to LaRouche. No one on the internet or in the sports world takes the Daily Bruin seriously and we certainly don't. But that doesn't release Ben Azar and the Daily Bruin staff from the obligation to report responsibly. Ben should be VERY careful to use hateful people like LaRouche to throw around criticisms of commentary he doesn't agree with or like. We at DD can take all the criticism Ben has to give us in his piece. We won't accept the hate.

That is, of course, just uncalled for on the part of these amateuer idiots at the Daily Bootlicker. Keep in mind though that this is not something new coming out from this so-called joke of a sports section from UCLA's student newspaper. The Daily Bootlicker has an illustrious history of bootlicking incompetent UCLA head coaches. You want proof? Remember this gem from a Daily Bootlicker sports writer glorifying another incompetent head coach who destroyed the hall mark of UCLA's athletic program:

In his third year as head coach at what is the premier coaching job in college sports, Steve Lavin has proven to be well on his way to acceptance into the exclusive fraternity of his Bruin brethren, forever entrenched in UCLA lore.

He is everything that Bruin fans want in a head coach. He's young, stylish, hardworking, debonair, positive, energetic and one hell of a recruiter. He's the first coach since the Wizard of Westwood to guide the Bruins to more than one win in consecutive postseasons. He's making a name for himself as a great coach.

Comparing fellow Bruins to a known anti-semite, fascist is beyond reprehensible. And it is deeply disappointing and embarrassing as an UCLA alum that we get to read that those kind of careless, reckless comments are being published in our own student newspaper. And you wonder why we call out these so-called sports writers as bunch of bootlicking student writers who often come across as nothing short of uninformed, clueless, ignorant, and useless "reporters".

I am all right with these guys writing like a bunch of trained robots who can only cut and paste press releases, and use information based on their access to the Morgan Center Sports Department. But, writing like a Bill Plascke, making assertions not based on reality and without facts, doesn't give an individual who presents himself as a UCLA student the license to compare his fellow Bruins to a known facist and anti-semite.

We are interested to hear from you guys whether we should call on the Daily Bruin to either issue an apology or fire Ben Azar.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We are also running a poll on this issue. So make sure to vote for what you think is the right tact for this community to take in response to this story.

We like this to be as much of a community decision as possible. That way, we can be clear that our message is coming on behalf of thousands of UCLA alums, students, and fans who make up Bruins Nation.

UPDATE: A lot of great comments in this thread. Before we reach a decision on whether or not we will make a formal demand, you can always send your individual comments to Ben Azar at and the Daily Bruin editor at You can use the posts on Dorrell scape goating (click here) and on Dorrell's overall record (click here) previously posted here on BN. As usual, please be polite and respectful when sending these emails. Rely on facts.