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Farmar Makes Rookie Squad

For those of you not as connected with the NBA, this weekend is their all star weekend, and tomorrow night is their annual Rookie Challenge, pitting the best NBA Rookies against the best Sophomores.

Bruin fans who watch the game will be treated to a familiar sight, as our own Jordan Farmar has had a very impressive start to his pro career with the Lakers thus far, and has subsequently been named to the Rookie team. I believe that the NBA will be much more fun to watch for us Bruin fans in the near future, just because of the talent Howland is bringing in, and how he is developing that talent, molding his players into NBA material.

I know I'm not the only one who wonders what kind of team this would be if Farmar had stayed with us. I will also go on record as saying that I didn't think he was ready all the way up to the Championship game last year. Clearly from the results so far, I was completely wrong. The past is past, we will move on. It's great to see that Jordan still throws love our way during his interviews.

Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

Here's to Jordan throwing down a couple of these tomorrow night.