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Center Court: Ben Ball (ASU) Game Day Open Thread

Here we go. Is DC ready to go tonight? Will Mata hold up? Will Shipp come out focused and ready to play some Ben Ball DEFENSE? Will AA be on early? Has the team regrouped since last Saturday?

So many questions. We have waited four long days. We will find out the answer in less than an hour.

Bruins are on the road again taking on a resilient ASU team. Let's hope they are ready, focused and read to play team ball:

Photo: Daven Hill

Now that some of the obligatory clichés out of the way ... lets get it on!

The game is on Prime. Tip-off is set for 5:30 pm PST. You can follow/track the game online via link in the official site.

You know what to do ... just fire away.

This is our Ben Ball open game thread.