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A Detour for Pauley

Given there is so much interest in Bruins Nation wrt to restoration of the Cathedral of College Hoops, I am surprised I didn’t see any comments on this little detail from Dohn’s post West Va report earlier in the week:

Making the rounds: Following the loss (to West Virginia), Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero led a four-person contingent to the University of Pittsburgh's Peterson Center for a tour, then took in the No. 7 Panthers' game against Providence as part of the discovery process for the renovation of Pauley Pavilion.

Guerrero was joined by UCLA senior associate athletic director for external relations Ross Bjork, chairman of the Pauley renovation leadership committee Richard Bergman and his assistant, Joel Browning.

The quartet already has visited the University of Texas, Wichita State, Kentucky (which has new practice facilities) and Ohio State. Also on the schedule are the University of Virginia's new basketball arena, Maryland, Missouri and the headquarters of HOK Sport, which was selected to prepare preliminary designs to redo Pauley.
That is good news. Let’s hope DG and his associates stay diligent and don’t drop the ball on this. Right now I am cautiously optimistic about Pauley’s restoration given all the movement we have seen under DG in last year or so. Let’s hope he stays at it.