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Smoked Standard (Postgame Thread)

The ASU game was not fun. THIS was fun. The Bruins once again got up for a big game and took it to The Standard in their own house, ruining Senior Day, and once again making Marcus the Mouth look like a Mumbling Moron. HUGE game by DC (17 pts. 15 assists) and ALSO by Shipp (24 points 10-14 FGs). The credit can be spread around though, despite a rare quiet day from our bench. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that all of our problems are fixed because of this one game, but they made huge strides today. The Standard's zone defense, while initially effective, was gradually exposed by giving the Bruins wide open 3 pointers, which they finally capitalized on.

In fact, the only way the hapless wildcats could slow down Collison was this:

AP Photo/Wily Low

As always, plenty of things to discuss. Great for Shipp to bounce back from a horrible game in Tempe, clutch shooting by Roll, FREE THROWS BY MATA, leadership from AA, and (mostly) great decisions by DC. Our team began to gel at this time last year. Let's keep it rolling. This is the post-game thread.