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Facebook BN

Well guys. Maybe this was just a matter of time. I have gone ahead and created an account for Bruins Nation on Facebook. Thought it may be a good idea as our little corner on the internets continue to grow every day.

I thought creating an account on Facebook could be beneficial for few reasons. I am really trying to figure out how we can get more and more students on campus plugged into Bruins Nation, and get them thinking about UCLA sports, specifically hoops, football, and other UCLA sports, the same way we think and discuss about them here on BN. Perhaps creating an account on Facebook will help that goal? So for those of you who frequent BN, would you guys be kind enough to facebook BN?

Another reason I thought Facebook could be helpful is that it may allow us to have another avenue to receive cool UCLA sports related pictures, info. via students, alums etc. from Westwood and all over the country. I love reading the stories on students camping out, having a great time at basketball and at football games. It takes lot of us alums on a trip back to memory lane. I hope more and more students will come on here and share with us about how they are getting all fired up to root for the teams. And if you all have any fun pictures to share with rest of the nation by all means either post them here in a diary, or email them to us or now you can share them with us via Facebook.

Also if you think there are other cool features in Facebook that will enable us to continue grow this community by all means share them with us. Let's keep strengthening the bond among the larger Bruin family via Bruins Nation.

Facebook BN.