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Lovers Not Haters

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Since we encouraged everyone here to gobble up Dump Dorrell t-shirts, we think it is fair that we also mentioned this:

Yeap, you can get that over at We hear they are selling like hotcakes.

Oh yeah, I will definitely order one.

Let the Dorrell lovers keep saying everyone here (you know, the UCLA students, alums and seasons ticket holders who make up BN) are a bunch of haters. ;-)

Thank God for Howland. A coach like Karl Dorrell makes us appreciate him even more. Let me give you AA, who gives us just one reason why someone may want to get a hold of that t-shirt:

"His job is to prepare us to the best of our abilities," said UCLA junior Arron Afflalo. "Nobody does it better than him."
Hopefully, someday we get to post something like this about our next football coach.