Scapegoat No. 3 Leaves Westwood: WR Coach to LSU (updated)

Dohn is reporting that WR coach D. J. McCarthy has run off to LSU:

Receivers coach D.J. McCarthy, who spent one season with the Bruins, became the third offensive assistant coach to leave UCLA after he accepted a job for the same position at LSU, sources said Tuesday.

McCarthy joins offensive line coach Jim Colletto and offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda as assistants to leave after last season.

Colletto took a job with the NFL's Detroit Lions. Svoboda was fired.

McCarthy came to Westwood after two seasons at Central Florida. He tutored a UCLA receiving group that struggled with consistency throughout a 7-6 season.

This is not a surprise. Dump Dorrell had already predicted McCarthy would probably be one of the assistants who would be coaching elsewhere after this past season.

Our WR corps were a mess this past year. Instead of having 4 of our best receivers (Breazell, Everett, Taylor, and Ketchum) in at the same time, we kept finding Plascheke's hero - Baumgartner - in there short arming one pass after one. It was a disaster. It looks like McCarthy may be getting saddled with lot of the blame as he is moving on somewhere else. But what a joke this situation is considering Dorrell's so called resume of being NFL WR coach, and a former receiver at NFL.

Who will be replacing McCarthy? From Dohn:

If Dorrell wants to look within the UCLA family for a replacement, a possibility is former Crenshaw High assistant coach Eric Scott. Scott was a part-time intern with the program last season, and is viewed as an up-and-coming assistant.

Scott also has UCLA ties. After originally attending Northwestern, the former receiver transferred to UCLA.

Scott sounds interesting. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be another scapegoat for Karl Dorrell.

UPDATE:: As others pointed out in the comment thread according to Dohn's post in the DN blog, McCarthy will be paid more by LSU. I still think this is really nothing more than lateral move given he is going to coach in the same capacity. Moreover, as Fox71 points out this still doesn't negate the revolving door situation concerning UCLA assistant coaches, whose employment situation looks just as stable as the employees at our local McDonalds.

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