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Mata Maniacs

So AA may end up becoming the Pac-10 MVP. DC may turn out to be the best pg in the nation. Luc and AA2 have their legions of Cameroon Crazies. And now thanks to facebook, we have discovered the "Mata Maniacs":

For all of those enlightened children who know that Lorenzo "Monster" Mata is the greatest thing to happen to basketball, nay, existence.

A god among mere mortals, Lorenzo Legend stands in the way between the opposing team and the basket. When fools drive into the paint thinking they can score, Lorenzo Mansta only has to glare, letting his Mon-Stache swat that weak shit outta there.

Lorenzo Mata - one part Shaq, one part Lebron, one part Ghandi, all Monster.
Can you imagine what is going to happen to this group if Lo can somehow consistently make his free throws and continue to be productive on offensive end like he has been in his last four games? Well if you haven't done it yet jump on the Mata wagon now. If you are in facebook, you can join the legion of Mata Maniacs by going here.

The pride of South Gate is not only a rock star in Bruins Nation, he is becoming a cult hero in the city of Angels.

That closeup shot came from which posted this tribute to Mata.

Everyone gets to be a rock star in this nation of Ben Ball warriors. Doesn't matter if a kid comes in as a 5 star recruit or a 3 star one. If a comes to play for Coach Howland and play defense like Mata and bring the same tenacity and intensity in every game he will become a superstar in the second biggest media market in the nation. That is something no other program in the country can offer.

Oh BTW if you see Mr. Mata on campus today don't forget to wish him a very happy birthday.