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"Departure" of the WR Coach: Something is Off

Sorry to post this note on Dorrell's football program while we are all euphoric over another Ben Ball victory, but I wanted to put this up before this week was over. I don't know how we all missed this. If you haven't yet make sure to read Dohn's post on former WR coach D.J. McCarthy's taking the same position with L.S.U. Check out this from McCarthy (emphasis mine):

McCarthy, who accepted the receivers coaching job a LSU. He said a big reason for the move is off the football field, and the quality of life for his family.

"If and when we make it to a BCS bowl, I'll have a chance to double my UCLA salary,'' McCarthy said. "That's why coach (Karl) Dorrell has lost a lot of good coaches.''
Huh? This doesn't make any sense at all. Is McCarthy implying that KD has lost a "lot of good coaches" because they didn't see the opportunity to increase their salary by going to a BCS bowl game at UCLA? If that is what he is saying then that is one of the more scathing indictments yet on Karl Dorrell's tenure at UCLA? A HT goes out to commenter Stan Gomez on DD for bringing attention to that comment.

Also keep in mind as DD pointed out that LSU wasn't the only job McCarthy was pursuing. He was also pursuing a similar position at his alma mater - Washington  - which probably wouldn't offer him a marked increase in salary. Not to mention cost of living in Seattle is not all that cheap compared to that in LA.

Something is really off here. DD zeroes in on this point in bluestreet diary's comment thread:
In today's hyper branded and scripted world, no one should take anything a public official or institution, or any public figure, says at face value. they have an image and brand to protect. it is entirely reasonable to make the assumption that 3 coaches gone on the offensive side of the ball, when the offense sucked last year, was a systematic purge. who would it benefit to say it was so?? our competitors. who would it hurt? our football program (or those who benefit from the status quo - i.e. Dorrell), the coaches who were ousted, and our institution (who those in charge think it would hurt).

The incentives for Colletto, McCarthy, Dorrell, Morgan Center, and the powers that be who want to maintain the status quo are fully aligned towards saying both Colletto and McCarthy left for "beter opportunities." it's a fine line they are straddling, one they couldn't toe with Svoboda. if they had said Svoboda was leaving for better opportunities even their newsletter, the Daily Bruin, would have to call them on such a lie. not so much with Colletto and McCarthy.

But the evidence is obvious. the only 3 coaches gone were part of the big problem Dorrell was criticized for this past season, the offense. Colletto had been back and forth in the NFL many times, and Detroit is no step up for him - it is retread. a potential national championship at UCLA would be far more glorious. McCarthy interviewed with expensive-Seattle-based Washington before he interview with LSU, so the cheaper city excuse doesn't jive. Plus, Washington doesn't pay SEC money. Plus, why again would he leave a potential national champion after just 1 year?

Scapegoating is an obvious conclusion that is supported by the evidence.
People may want to be in denial about the fact this wasn't just another case of scape-goating and getting a coach pushed out of the program. But there is something really fishy about a coach leaving a program, just one year after he was brought with a lot of hype. I mean how many of you remember this from Karl Dorrell a little more than a year ago:
But the biggest impact McCarthy might make would be to tap into the talent-rich recruiting base in Florida. McCarthy played at Washington, but attended Boca Raton High and coached at Fort Lauderdale High before moving to the college ranks.

"I think D.J. is a great fit for our staff. He has a great track record of developing productive receivers and he is an outstanding, energetic recruiter," Dorrell said. "He is very familiar with Florida and the surrounding states and I think that will be a big plus for our recruiting efforts."
Uhm I wonder what happened? He turned out to be such a "great fit" that he started looking for lateral positions just a year after coming into Westwood?

I guess someone had to take the blame for our WR unit being one of the most underachieving unit of an overall boring and predictable offense. Not to mention once against KD and his staff failed to sign a single 5 star WR recruit in another class. Given the scenario it is not that unreasonable for one to infer something is off and just maybe another coach is taking the fall (or high tailing out of Westwood) because of Dorrell's under achievements at UCLA.