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Taking Care of Business

Well. That was fun. Bruins demolish the Bears ... again. The final score was 85-75 good guys. But the score wasn't really that close as it was pretty much garbage time for last few mins. [Box Score]. Bruins are now 24-3 and 13-2 in the conference.

Shipp had himself a spectacular right leading all scorers with 22 points.

Mata was a hero at Pauley tonight. He scored 14 but the big story was him going an unreal 8 for 9 from the FT line, receiving multiple standing Os from a rocking Pauley. It was just a joy to watch the kid soaking it all in.

Although Shipp and Mata had their big nights, IMHO this is the kid who kick started the Bruin party tonight at Pauley, when they came out a little slow:

Photo: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Yeah it was Westbrook's intensity and attacking mode on defense which sparked the Bruins midway through the first half tonight. The kid himself started a 5-0 run, which ignited the Bruins when they came out a little lethargic in the first half.

Bruins were spectacular in the second half. They are now just 1 win away from going undefeated at Pauley for the first time since 1974-75. Yes that happened to be Coach Wooden's last season in Westwood (resulting in banner number 10).

Let's hope they keep taking care of business on Saturday and rest of the way. More tomorrow.